Introductions are Hard

Hi everyone! You found my blog!! Great and how exciting!!! So recently I’ve decided to start a blog that ties in with my major and passion. I’m an English major with a focus on British Literature with the hopes of becoming a high school English teacher. One of the greatest joys and struggles of my major is the constant reading I have to do. I love to read but sometimes the reading for class gets in the way of reading for pleasure. My goal is to try to get reading for myself in all summer and try during the school year as well. Some of the other reasons I decided to start this blog is my love of writing and my desire to share in an honest fashion with others my reading habits and likes and dislikes. I love to write stories but none of them get farther than the first couple of pages so I thought I would try my hand at just writing about books. Maybe I’ll be inspired to pick up my many unfinished novels. I feel like I have so few people to share my love of reading within my personal life, so why not just talk to the empty air for a bit without seeming crazy. I also know people want good reviews about the books they’re considering reading without having to dredge through the muddled ones on Amazon. Maybe I can be a contributor to that need.

Since I just started up reading for fun again my posts will be on things I read for class or some of my favorites I’ve read before. My goal is to post a review within 24 hours of finishing the book when I start posting about current reads. I can’t wait to share my reads with you all!


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