World Dracula Day!


Hello everyone!!! Today is a very special day! Today it has been 118 year since Dracula was published in the UK!! Dracula is one of my favorite books and probably one of my strongest obsessions. Basically if you were to ask my friends they would tell you I worship the ground Bram Stoker walked on. Anyway, I thought I would do mini reviews (basically just my opinion) of my Dracula collection to celebrate. Obviously I might write longer reviews for these later on their own posts but mini ones will suffice here. So let’s get started!

Dracula: The reason for this day. Do I need to review this? One of the greatest works to come out of the late 19th century in my personal opinion. It feels immensely modern written in the style of letters, journals, and news clippings. 

Dracula’s Guest: Basically this short story was going to be the original first chapter of Dracula but in revision it didn’t fit the story. 

The Historian: An engrossing story that takes a modern view of Dracula. It’s based more on the historical figure of Vlad the Impaler rather than Bram’s inaccurate depiction. It’s very Indian Jones or The Mummy in style. It makes for a great summer read.

Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula: I haven’t read this yet but I’m assuming it’s going to be silly and ridiculous.

Covenant With The Vampire: I’ve just started this today in honor of the anniversary but this follows the story of the decendants of Dracula and how they must deal with the demands of their vampire relative. Also written in journal style like Dracula. If it’s good I’m going to try to find the other two books.


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