Red Rising by Pierce Brown


Hello my friends!!! Today I am FINALLY reviewing Red Rising because I’ve literally owned this since Christmas when I got my Kindle and just started and finished it. So I’m not going to lie the main reason why I picked this up was because the author is attractive (if you’re reading this Pierce, hey). Also it was getting a lot of hype and it was cheap. 

The best way to describe this book is Hunger Games in space. Here’s the thing, I say that but in my opinion it’s better than the Hunger Games. This book takes place hundreds of years after now and it follows the life of a Red caste Helldiver named Darrow. There are multiple caste colors that are assigned certain tasks with Golds being the highest. Darrow and his fellow Reds live under the surface of Mars to mine for the Golds. After Darrow and his wife Eo go and do something against the rules, Eo is hanged. Darrow is also hanged but survives. He has been tasked with having his whole body redone to look like a Gold so he can infiltrate them and take them down. He is then placed in a “school” to learn to fight and to move up and become a military leader.

I can’t give away too much because it will ruin the excitement. This book is violent and bloody and the characters are well formed. All the characters can be brutally savage but also have hearts and emotions. You just connect with all of them. Honestly this could easily become a movie with all the action in it. The next book in the series Golden Son is currently out and the final book will be out in January. 


One thought on “Red Rising by Pierce Brown

  1. I agree with you, this book was definitely “Hunger Games” in space! I also had a feeling that Pierce Brown might have played a lot of Civ 5 because I felt like that was the game being played at the Institute. Good book, I’m intrigued to read the rest!

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