Classic Novels On Youtube?

Hello again my friends. Since summer vacation has either started or is about to start for everyone its a great time to get caught up on reading, Netflix, and web series. Last summer I discovered that people had taken to Youtube to create modern spins on classic novels in short videos formatted like diaries. I thought today I would share a few of my favorites and link the first episode of each.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Obviously a modern take on Pride and Prejudice. This series ended a few years ago so you can just binge watch the whole thing. I love this series so much because of how well Pemberley Digital adapted the characters. This series made me laugh and cry and its just amazing. I plan on watching their Emma one this summer as well.

Victoria Frankenstein MD

A genderbent take on Frankenstein. This series was made by PBS so its fun and educational. Honestly this series made me love Frankenstein because I really hated it before this. There’s also quite a few jokes about the book thrown in if you know where to look. Honestly I’m hoping for another season of this because you can’t hurt me like this PBS.


I’ve never read Carmilla but started this series last summer when it was only four episodes in. This series by VerveGirl TV is really well done and is much more suspenseful than the other two I have listed. The internet populace adores this series. I mean the concept of what to do when your roommate is an asshole vampire is so funny and they know how to not make it cliche. This is currently on its second season which I will be watching as well this summer.


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