The Spiritglass Charade by Colleen Gleason

Hello everyone!! I apologize for being gone for a few days. My absence is due to my compulsive watching of Hemlock Grove. It’s a amazing show and soon I’ll be posting literary tropes found in season one. Anyways a few days ago I finished the second book in the Stoker and Holmes series. I read the first book a few weeks ago and loved it!!! I’m happy to report I feel the same way abou this one.

The book leaves off right after the ending of the first novel. Mina and Evaline have been again recruited by the Princess to help a friend. Willa Ashton has been obsessed with meeting mediums so she can talk with her mother and try to find out if her brother is alive. It’s up to the girls to find out who or what is talking to Willa. This of course is not the only thing on Evaline’s plate since rumors are around about vampires returning to London.

This was an excellent second book in the series. It had even more danger and secrets than the first. I think Colleen was able to do more this book since all the main characters were fully explored in book one. I can’t spoil the end for you all but oh my god I am excited for the next one!!!!! I give this book five out of five stars.


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