Literary Elements in Hemlock Grove


Hello again everyone!! If you follow me on Twitter you will have probably seen my constant late night tweets about Hemlock Grove. I am so addicted to this TV show created by Netflix.  One of the reasons I like it so much is it’s clear ties to classic gothic fiction which is one of my main focuses. I figured I would cover a few of the most prominent things in season 1. I know this series was a book first which I have not read but I assume the themes are the same or similar.

1. Frankenstein’s Monster: Along with the typical werewolf and vampire characters of Peter and Roman, we have Roman’s sister Shelley. The name is clearly a tribute to Mary Shelley. Shelley is a kind and misunderstood human who is loved by her brother. Her appearance is frightening to outsiders because of her height, lack of speech, and her one very large eye that is covered by hair. Shelley is very much like the monster when he was young and naive so I’m interested to see if she will change into a violent person.

2. Johann Pryce. Victor Frankenstein or Dr. Seward?: Johann Pryce is the local scientist for the Godfrey Institute who I assume helped create Shelley. He is ultimately the mad scientist type who messes with genetics and plays with being God. He seems to be a combination of Victor and Dr. Seward since we see Johann recording his work in a handheld recorder like Seward did at the Phonograph in Dracula. 

3. Traditional Vampire and Werewolf Lore: Clearly research has been done for this show. The main lore we see is babies born with a caul on they become vampires. It’s an interesting stance to take, making the creation of a vampire more human. We also have traditional werewolf lore where you are either born, created, or force yourself to become a werewolf. I really appreciate the little details they use.

So those are the main three of season 1. I have a lot more already for season 2 but I figured it would be better to make a separate post for it. 


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