Being A Fake Geek Girl

I am sick and tired of hearing the term Fake Geek Girl. It is the most nauseating phrase to come out of the geek community. For anyone that doesn’t know a Fake Geek Girl is a woman who pretends to enjoy the nerdier pursuits of life to attract the male species. It’s bullshit. I’ve seen this term predominantly used by men to elevate their stature of attractiveness or to belittle women who don’t know every piece of info on the fandom in question. 

First off, WOMEN ARE NOT TRYING TO IMPRESS YOU ARROGANT PIECES OF CRAP!! Do not try to elevate yourself like that. Do not think for one minute that a woman is spending all this time in the fandom in the hopes of your attention. She is there because she wants to be there. 

Second, just because your head is so far up the ass of the fandom doesn’t mean someone doesn’t love it too. You can be a fan of something without knowing everything. You can be a fan by just enjoying what you’ve seen. I’ve noticed with the upcoming Star Wars film there has been a lot more gatekeeping by men saying teenage girls say they love Star Wars but clearly don’t because they don’t know about Darth Bane. Puhlease. I will gatekeep you right back because I know something old and bad in the fandom because of my dad. I will take you down. 

Thirdly and most importantly, IF A WOMAN DRESSES UP IN COSPLAY AS A PROVOCATIVE CHARACTER YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SEXUALLY HARASS HER AT ALL. Do not touch a woman’s ass if she’s dressed as Poison Ivy. Do not say sexual things to a woman dressed as Black Widow. Do not shame a woman who doesn’t have the body of Jessica Rabbit for wearing a Catwoman costume. We are not here for YOUR sexual pleasure. We are here to enjoy the Con and have fun. Just cause I like superheroes and am hot as hell does not mean I want you to look at me in that lecherous fashion.

It’s a sad dynamic because when I was little I was ridiculed by boys for liking Star Wars and superheroes and now that I’m an adult I’m ridiculed for not “liking them enough.” I’ve been told the only reason I watch Marvel movies is because I think the actors are hot. Damn right I think those actors are hot have you looked at them? But I enjoy the plot and action and adventure. If I just wanted to look at hot men without a plot I’d watch Magic Mike. 

So here’s the thing gentlemen, I am not a Fake Geek Girl. I am a woman who enjoys nerdy things. I am not any less important because I don’t know what Stan Lee ate while creating Iron Man. If I do know that I did not google it five seconds before I spoke with you. If I do Google things it’s because I’m interested in knowing it. So get off your high horse before me and the rest of the women beat you off of it.


One thought on “Being A Fake Geek Girl

  1. Brilliant post and spot on point. I hate this whole idea that women are pretending to like something just to get a guy. NO! PLEASE STOP!!! I hate it. Thankfully me and my friends are all so similar that I have never faced that problem from any of my guy friends. But I definitely felt some of this attitude when I went to Comic Con last year, but only by a small minority. Most people realised it was just an amazing time for people to come together and celebrate all the different fandoms they love.

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