A Day In The Life Of An English Major

Hello friends!! I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about what it is like to major in English. I figured there are probably people who want to know how others are handling it. I will be as fun and informative as I can. I will be honest and if anyone has anything to add or ask please feel free to do so in the comments. I’m going to do a time sheet type thing for last semester’s courses for me since my English classes were all on the same day. I’ll also cover how I did (or didn’t) do the readings.

Every Wednesday for the Spring Semester:

9:00 AM

I wake up and make myself look presentable. I gather my books and laptop I will need for the next six hours and leave to get breakfast.

9:30-9:45 AM

I eat breakfast and cram finish any readings I have left for the first two classes. I could be finishing a couple of chapters or half the book (oops).

10:30 AM

First class begins. I spent the hour and fifteen minutes with my laptop open maybe jotting down notes or browsing the Internet. This class often has group discussions over passages of significance so I engage in that too. Even if you do browse the Internet while the class is happening its important to participate in the discussion. Your professor will like you more for it and it will make the time go by faster.

11:45 AM

Eat lunch with my roommate and finish any other reading for the next class. Mostly eating and talking though with absent minded skimming.

1:30 PM

Second class starts. No technology allowed in this class so I must write notes and stare at the board. I was notoriously bad at doing the reading for this class because it didn’t interest me or I read it a few years back. My best advice in this situation is learn to bullshit. I would actively participate in conversations with limited knowledge as to what was happening but some how managed to always be insightful. I still don’t know how. As an English major you too will learn the artistry of bullshit.

2:00 PM

I return to my dorm to wait until my night class. This five hours time is used to slack off, nap, watch Netflix, or desperately trying to finish a paper for said night class.

7:20 PM

Night class until 1o begins. I will ultimately spend three hours writing sarcastic notes on Arthurian legends in a class of ten people. By the end of the night I will have felt like multiple books have been stuffed through my ears.

10:00 PM

Walk back to dorm with classmate while complaining about the research papers we have yet to start.

2:00 AM

Finally go to sleep after talking to roommate and messing around on my phone and laptop.

Alrighty now that you’ve seen the daily break down I figured it would be best to talk about papers. As an English major you could be writing anywhere from zero to three or more papers a week. Your friends will ask you why you do this to yourself as they watch you slave over your laptop with books strewn across the bed. You must learn time management and which ones would be best to start when. Always do short papers first and papers that are closest to being due. I always would save my night class papers for last since it was only once a week and I had five hours to work on it before class.

I hope this breakdown and advice helps you all!


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