The Determined Heart By Antoinette May


I received this e-ARC for free from Lake Union Publishing through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid and all thoughts are my own.

Hello again friends!!! Today I am reviewing a book in one of my favorite genres which is Fictional Accounts of Real People’s Lives. I always love this genre because it inspires me to learn more about the person and this book is no exception. It’s odd because I only just like Frankenstein. I think its good but its by no means my favorite. That being said I have always found Mary Shelley fascinating.

This book follows the life of Mary from age four till age twenty six and I am in love. I started this book yesterday at 2 pm for an hour and then read it for another couple of hours last night and then finished it this morning. I feel like Ms. May did a wonderful job capturing who these people were. I’ve always thought Percy Shelley was a douche. His poetry and infidelities make me angry. Honestly if a man told me he loved Shelley I’d probably never speak to him again. This book clearly made Percy out to be the douche I always knew he was. I never realized how much Mary Shelley went through in her life and how her depression made her write Frankenstein. After reading this book I might have to reread Frankenstein and read her other works which I did not know existed until this book.

This book flowed beautifully and I can tell research was done extensively to write this book. All the figures mentioned were well rounded and had their flaws. Even though Lord Byron is a cad you couldn’t help but like him. That’s what makes a good novel, is characters with flaws but are still likeable. I highly recommend this book for historical fiction lovers and lovers of Frankenstein. You get such an in depth look at how Mary Shelley became this famous author with much acclaim. It made me appreciate her creation of the Science Fiction genre even more.

The book doesn’t come out until September 29 so you all have a bit of a wait. Put it in your wishlists or to read lists because the wait is worth it. When it comes out you can get it in paperback for $14.95.


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