Thank You J. K. Rowling

Dear J. K. Rowling,

It’s been 18 years of Harry Potter and I’d like to personally thank you for them. When I was a young girl I really wanted to read your books but my mother would tell me no every time I brought them home because she believed they were evil. My father finally convinced her to let me read them. I am so grateful to him for allowing Harry and you to come into my life. Harry has been my constant companion since I was ten years old. Half of my life has been made memorable by you. No matter who you were at school, cool or not, Harry Potter would bring children together. When we weren’t brought together and I was alone and in tears over being rejected, I had Harry. With Harry I learned that doing what is right will not always be easy but must be done. Hermione taught me that being beautiful is not the most important thing but being smart isn’t either. I connected so strongly with Hermione and to watch her grow into an amazing person gave me hope that I would too. You taught me love is the strongest form of magic and you can be brave in small ways. I learned to speak up against injustice even if my voice might not be the loudest and there will be those who will try to silence me. I learned that death is inevitable and those we love most will leave us but that doesn’t mean they don’t love us. You gave me and so many others another home with your words. When this world was scary and unforgiving I had Hogwarts. Even at 2o years old I know I always have Hogwarts to welcome me home and for me that is so comforting. My greatest hope will be to take my own children to Hogwarts and make it another home for them. You helped me grow up into the more open minded and sometimes brave woman I am now.  I am eternally grateful to you and your determination. You inspire me to work hard for what I want and don’t take no for an answer. I do not know if you will ever see this but I just wanted to thank you for 18 years of magic.

A Grateful Reader


One thought on “Thank You J. K. Rowling

  1. I came to the books slightly differently to you, having asked my mum repeatedly if I could watch the film for Philosophers Stone about the age of 6, she told me I could if I read the books, and well I’ve been reading them ever since. I’m the same as you I connected with Hermione, and I hoped I could become a person just as great as that character, I still do hope that actually.

    XO, Miriam

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