Dead Until Dark By Charlaine Harris


First off sorry if the picture traumatized you, I think I’m so clever.

So who is Sookie Stackhouse? A beautiful waitress at a bar in Lousiana with a disability. Her disability is she can read minds and nobody seems to be able to shut up. That is until the handsome vampire Bill Compton comes back into town. Sookie is immediately drawn to him since she can’t hear what he’s thinking and boy is it a relief. However her relief doesn’t last long when multiple women get murdered and her brother and Bill are the prime suspects. It’s up to Sookie and Bill to try to figure out who is killing these girls. However, all the vampires seem to find Sookie extremely attractive and her powers useful. Has Sookie gotten in way over her head with people she can’t read?

I loved this book! I can’t watch the TV show because Sookie’s southern accent hurts me. So I figured I’d read what started it all. I didn’t think this book would be so funny. Sookie is a charming narrator with some of the best lines. I just loved how Sookie is aware of the effect she has on men but isn’t stuck up. She seems to rather not be so attractive because of what she hears. I can see how this was picked up to be a TV series because an excellent script is already there. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series.


7 thoughts on “Dead Until Dark By Charlaine Harris

  1. This is a great series! I will just warn you though that the last book in the series is kind of eh. Not how I would want a series to wrap-up at all. When you get to it I’ll be interested to hear what you think!


      1. I think she was *trying* to give the fans what she thought they wanted (because it came out while the show was still airing) but really we were like NO.

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