Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist By Kay Marie


I received this e-ARC from Kay Marie through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid to write this and all opinions are my own.

Skye Quinn seems to have it all. She’s 22 living in New York with her best friend Bridget and has just moved up from an intern as a book reviewer in the local paper to a full time columnist. However, these things seem to spell disaster for her. Her roommate failed to mention that her brother Ollie would be moving in for a while and Skye hasn’t talked to him in over four years after one awkward night and now she has to pretend nothing ever happened. Also that column she’s writing, it’s a sex column and the main problem with that is she’s never had sex. Her last serious boyfriend wanted to wait until marriage but was cheating on her. Apparently sex until marriage is only for those worthy of marriage. Now Skye has to juggle seeing Ollie all the time and finally getting a stable boyfriend for her to write about, too bad that guy happens to be a coworker’s brother. Ollie isn’t making this easy for Skye with his bright blue eyes and muscles and the way of knowing her so well. Could Ollie like her after all these years or is Skye still in dreamland?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK. This is so very Bridget Jones but for the modern college aged and recently graduated. Every awkward scene or discomfort Skye had made me say “That is so me.” I was dying laughing and just felt like this could be my life. I love characters that are exactly like me or not at all like me, Skye is very much me and her roommate is the latter. I can’t believe the level I was going to connect with Skye. Going into it I just thought it would be another cute, summer read but it is so much more than that. This book is for every girl that has no luck in love but is just starting out on their own. Kay Marie (Kaitlyn Davis going under a new name) did an amazing job making these characters well rounded and realistic. I’m just so smitten with this book and Ollie what?  I need to read the next book in the series ASAP.

If you want to read this you can get it for Kindle at $2.99 or in paperback for $13.99


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