The Two Most Important Books of Childhood

Hello lovely readers!! So we all have those books that influence us for the rest of our lives and I thought I would share with you mine. 

I’ve grown up in household where reading is encouraged. My mom used to read to me every night before I knew how to read and my dad would read me funny books and do voices. After my long struggle with learning how to read I figured out how much I loved it because of Matilda by Roald Dahl and Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. 

I was in a bit of a reading slump when my mom got me Matilda, not for the lack of books but because my peers judged me on how much I read so I wanted to step away from it to get rid of the teasing. I guess when my mom saw the plot about a little girl who loved to read and then had magic powers to deal with her tormentors, it was a logical fit. I devoured the book and would reread it constantly, hoping I would gain magic powers (I got none). I connected with Matilda a lot especially when she said she had finished all the children’s books and needed to find something else to read. I think Matilda made me turn to books even more in times of need.

When I was a little older I found Inkheart. I mean what wasn’t to love about it for a budding reader? A father who encouraged his daughter to read and could bring characters alive and out of their stories just with his voice. I loved it! To this day I think it’s one of the most beautiful books. I love how the idea of stories continued after the last page. This book is a dream. I always and still do want a library like Aunt Elinor’s. This book is the life goals minus the fictional villains.

So what books influenced you?


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