The Visitant by Megan Chance


I recieved this e-ARC for free for review from Lake Union Publishing through Netgalley. I was not paid and all opinions are my own.

Hello lovely readers!!!! Last night I finished this amazing novel and I have to say I am utterly obsessed with it!

Elena travels to Venice to take care of the epileptic Samuel after shaming her family. Her task is to make Samuel better by January so he can go off and marry a woman he has never met. This task isn’t so easy since Samuel seems to refuse any help and just wants to drink himself into oblivion. Samuel keeps seeing an “angel” and communicates in a language he claims to have no knowledge of. Things don’t get easier when Samuel’s best friend Nero arrives since there seems to be a rivalry between him and Samuel for Elena’s heart. The longer Nero is there the more the dark past surfaces and Elena begins to wonder if she can ever help Samuel in this house of darkness and ghosts.

This book is everything you would want in a Gothic Romance. You have a crumbling home in Venice, a “mad man,” a strong woman, love, desire, and of course MURDER. This book is suspenseful, beautiful, and really sexy. Ms. Chance has created two compelling male characters to fight for Elena. I love how it takes time for all of the secrets to come out. You get vague snippets in the beginning and as time passes you get deeper into the mystery and evil. This book is amazing and I have no negative things to say about it. When this book comes out I need to get a physical copy so I can see it in all it’s glory.

The book doesn’t come out until September 22 but it is 100% worth the wait and you should mark it on your calendars. You can buy this on Amazon for $7.83 in paperback and  $4.99 for Kindle.


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