Enchantress of Paris by Marci Jefferson


I received this book free for review from St. Martin’s Press through Netgalley for an honest review. I was not paid and all thoughts are my own.

Hello my lovely readers!! Did you miss me? I missed you but I am now back from my hiatus. In my hiatus I’ve started a YouTube channel which is BritLitBeauty. I’ll be doing book reviews, makeup, and lifestyle stuff. By no means will I be quitting this blog and I hope to have my book videos be an expansion on any of my blog posts. So now that business is out of the way, I’ll get into the review.

This book takes place in one of my favorite time periods and locations which is 17th century France. We follow the story of Marie Mancini, niece of a cardinal and advisor to the Sun King Louis XIV. Marie was born under an unlucky star because it is told she will be the ruin of her family. She was sent away to a convent and dreams to join the court with her sisters. When her uncle needs a way to keep the king in check he enlists her to seduce him and become his mistress. She quickly becomes Louis’s friend and then lover. By no means does Marie intend to fall in love but it happens all the same. Their love is always in danger from Marie’s manipulative uncle and war with France. Will their love be able to withstand war and all opposition to it?

I adored this book! I was so engrossed with the story of Marie and Louis. These characters were given such life and well rounded emotions that I began to forget this was a fiction novel and not an autobiography. The fact that in real life Louis was willing to stay at war to marry Marie amazes me. This book is just beautiful.

You can buy this book on Amazon for $13.36 for the hard cover and $12.99 for Kindle.


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