Barnes and Noble Leather Bound Books: Are They Worth It?

Anyone that has ever been to Barnes and Noble has probably seen all the beautiful leather bound books on display. You walk over and admire them but might not buy them because most of them are wrapped in plastic so you can’t see what the inside look like. So the question is, should you be buying them all, only your favorites, or none at all.

I now have four different copies and I have to say I love them. The four that I have are utterly beautiful and immensely sturdy which is what I bought them for. I had worn down both my copies of The Picture of Dorian Gray and Dracula from excessive reading and wanted something that would hold up. I couldn’t resist these copies because they were $10 each which is the cost of so many paperbacks these days and they just looked good. I’ve now had both of these copies for I think three years now and they still look phenomenal. After the success of the first two I asked for The Complete Sherlock Holmes and Le Morte d’Arthur and I’m just as impressed. They’re all stunning, sturdy, and are well printed. 

All those positives being said, I don’t recommend every copy. Some of the copies just aren’t as attractive and look rather cheap. I’ve been looking for a good copy of Pride and Prejudice but the Barnes and Noble version is immensely tacky. Many of the children’s classics have this same cheap look. Some of the other leather bounds are beautiful but I have no interest in their contents. 

My recommendation is to buy your favorite books in the leather bounds if they’re available and look good enough for your tastes. Of course if you’re just looking for decorative books on the cheap I would recommend them as well. The most expensive copy is only $20 so it won’t be too much money out of your pocket.


Miss Me?

Hello everyone! If you’re reading this, you’ve either stayed following me even though I’ve been inactive for months or you stumbled across me. Either way, I am back again and ready to read and write. I’ve missed you all a lot and I look forward to creating more content for the blog. Hope to see you all back again!