To Watch or Not To Watch: Shadowhunters

Hello everyone! So I’m writing this during commercial breaks but I wanted to get up my thoughts in a timely fashion after the premier of Shadowhunters. Fans of the Mortal Instruments series were highly disappointed a few years ago with the City of Bones movie but it looks like Shadowhunters won’t be treating us the same way. 

There are a number of changes made to the plot but I’m really quite impressed with all of them. 

1. They aged up all the characters: Instead of getting older actors and actresses to play younger teenagers we have Clary and everyone at the college age. It seems like this will allow for a darker and edgier production that may seem odd or inappropriate done by younger characters.

2. A more involved Jocelyn: In the novels Jocelyn seemed to be in denial about the past coming back but the TV show Jocelyn is very active in wanting Clary to know. I won’t reveal much but Jocelyn is an utter badass and I look forward to her plot more later.

I’m loving how quickly we’re getting to see the characters develop and their quirks. Isabelle and Alec already have a convincing and realistic sibling relationship with all the teasing and jabs at each other. Jace is being shown as the fearless leader that still has the trademark smartassery readers loved. Simon is utterly adorkable and is probably going to become a fan favorite. Alec is the bookish and rule abiding guy we all love. Clary has much more backbone than the book version in my opinion. She seems to be more willing to fight to save herself and her mother. It looks like TV is getting more badass women which is something I love and hope to see more of.

I’m going to give this pilot an A for a wonderful adaptation and just as a really good pilot. I’m hoping this will get great views not just from fans but everyone. Who knows? Maybe this show will give us more fans of the books we love so much.


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