My Five Month Journey With Stephenie Meyer’s Life and Death

I remember when Twilight first came out or at least when it became popular. I was in sixth grade and everyone I knew was reading it and I wanted to so bad but my mom wouldn’t let me. I later found out she disapproved of the unhealthy relationship between Edward and Bella and didn’t want me to strive for a relationship like that. Thanks Mom for looking out. I may have read it in eighth grade on the sly along with all the rest of the series except Breaking Dawn. I was initially hooked. I thought these books were amazing and everything I wanted in a series. Flash forward to ninth grade where I was not so impressed. I had a desire to read it again and I wasn’t as thrilled this time. I felt like these vibrant characters I loved and a relationship I thought was so romantic was well….lack luster. I realized how problematic the franchise was and wanted nothing to do with it again. 

Obviously Twilight celebrated ten years a few months ago and I caved and bought Life and Death because I wanted to see what Stephenie was doing to prove it wasn’t sexist or problematic by switching genders. I bought this book in November and I still have yet to finish it. I just can’t. It’s worse than the original. I feel like it’s oddly more sexist than it was before. The language is less developed than before and Beau is more insipid than Bella. It’s almost like she got in way over her head or lost inspiration. She literally just took the original text, changed the names, and added opposite gender stereotypes in the place of others. I wanted to like this book, I really did.

The idea of switching genders of your characters to get a new perspective is one that is fascinating in theory. This just fell flat. It’s as if her publishers came to her and said, “Stephenie we need you to do something big for the tenth anniversary. How about you release Midnight Sun this time?” To which she refused since it got leaked twice and decided this was a better idea. 

I know this post isn’t timely or probably is in disagreement with what a lot of people thought but I didn’t want to release a review until I gave it a fair shot o finished it. I’m only on Chapter 13 five months later and I have no idea when I’ll finish it.


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