I Honestly Loved I, Iago

I love Shakespeare and his characters but I love Iago the most. I became obsessed with the character my senior year of high school when we read Othello in my AP English class. There was and still is something so fascinating about this villain Shakespeare created. He is petty and ambitious, conniving and intelligent, and just evil. Perhaps the evil that stems from no real reason is why he is so appealing. We can place our own stories or reasonings on him. This brings me to my new favorite book I, Iago.

It is the story of Iago’s life as the fifth son of a merchant forced to go into the military and finds he flourishes. This book is so humanizing and doesn’t feel forced in the portrayal of a good and truly honest Iago that lets his ambition get the better of him. I appreciated how Nicole Galland actively included exact quotes from Othello into the dialogue. It helped keep the book focused when the plot got crazy. It would remind me where the story was based off the play.

The love story between Iago and Emilia was honestly beautiful and I was charmed utterly by it. This book just swept me away and I’m so happy it is in existence. This is in my reread pile for sure.


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