Books That Have Got To Go: Part 1

Those of you that have been following the blog since the beginning knows I did a series of books to donate posts last summer. If you’re new here, this is how these posts go. I tell you the books I’m donating and my reasons for doing so. Basically you get a bunch of mini reviews. I donate all of my books to my local library for their fundraising sale. It’s a win win for all. Alright let’s get into it.

1. Plays By George Bernard Shaw: I had to read these for a class two years ago. I liked them but I frankly won’t ever reread them so they’re just taking up space on my shelf. Shaw is a funny man though. If you like Oscar Wilde, I recommend Shaw.

2. The Alienist by Caleb Carr: This is one of my mom’s favorite books so I got my own copy to read…except I never actually read it. I’ve had this book for three years and haven’t even touched it so I don’t think I will. It’s a murder mystery set when Roosevelt was president, so that’s fun.

3. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell: If you were here last summer you’ll know I was not as impressed with Fangirl as everyone else in the world is. I think it was just too hyped up for me and I expected way too much from it. You can read my review here

4. The Warrior Heir by Cinda Chima: This was one of my many thrift store purchases that I just never got around to reading. I have no idea what it’s about or if it’s any good. I remember buying it because it gave me Gregor the Overlander vibes and I loved those books as a kid.

5. The Dragon Queen by Alice Borchardt: Another thrift store find that I never got around to. I wanted to read it because it was another King Arthur tale but I kind of got burnt out on Arthur for a bit after that class I took on his legends. 

This completes part one of three in this round of donations. Have you guys read these books? Do you agree with me on some of them? Do you have any plans to donate any of your books?



Hey guys! So to start off my return to the bookish parts of the Internet, I’ve created a little challenge for you all. If you’re not already following me on Instagram, you should head over to britlitbibliophile and take a look. Basically I’m going to be reading my favorite books from childhood and posting updates for the next two weeks. I’ll be doing reviews here of the books. All are welcome to participate, just use the hashtag in the title of this post and tag me if you feel so inclined. Can’t wait to see your childhood favorites!

I’M BACK!!!!!!

Did you guys miss me? I know I keep taking hiatuses but I’m finally at a place in life where that shouldn’t be happening anymore. I’m back at my family’s home for the summer so I get some down time to really read. I’m also going to be going through my books and donating them so another segment of that will be up soon. I’ve got some big plans and I hope you guys will continue to follow me on my literary journey.